65,000 SF "Retrofit" - Versico .045

Reinforced TPO Membrane installed

over Standing seam metal roof system.

170,000 Square Foot New Construction

Installation of a Versico Mechanically

Attached .045 Reinforced EPDM System.

7 Scott Rd.


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Harley Dealership


Commercial Products & Services

43,000 Square Foot Roof Replacement 

Versico .060 Fully Adhered EPDM

Located at John Devine Dr.,

Manchester, NH


Gallery Mall

55,000 Square Foot Roof Replacement 

with 15,000 SF of new construction.

Versico Fully Adhered TPO

‚ÄčLocated on Dascomb Rd., N. Andover


300 Willow St.

Commercial Portfolio

55,000 Square Foot Re-roof, Versico

Fully Adhered .060 EPDM Membrane

Located at 300 Willow St., 

North Andover

Restaurant Depot

7500 Square Foot New Construction

Versico .045 Reinforced TPO

Located at Merrill Industrial Dr.,

Hampton, NH

(P) 603-772-5817

Exeter Roofing Corporation

41 Industrial Dr., Suite 8

Exeter, New Hampshire 03833

Office Hours:

Mon-Friday: 8:am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed